It’s cold outside – spend your January completing the fastforward Winter Grind Missions at Party Poker!

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Party Poker has five new missions for you to complete this January. There are ten new missions, two at each of five different stake levels, that reward you with cash or bonuses just for grinding. Please note that these bonuses apply only to play at fastforward Poker, which is Party Poker’s Fast Fold Poker variant.
Stake Mission One Reward Mission Two Additional Reward
NL4 Play 5000 hands $5 Bonus Play another 5000 hands $5 Bonus
NL10 Play 10000 hands $15 Bonus Play another 10000 hands $15 Bonus
NL25 Play 15000 hands $80 Bonus Play another 15000 hands $80 Bonus
NL50 Play 20000 hands $150 Bonus Play another 20000 hands $150 Bonus
NL100 Play 30000 hands $500 Bonus Play another 30000 hands $500 Bonus

Mission objectives and rewards for each stake level

Get grinding today and make sure you earn your share of the rewards!  For more information on Party Poker, please view our Promotion Overview here  and our Network Review here.  As always, for all other questions or to discuss your personal deal on any of our partner sites please contact us here.

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