Join the Millionaires Club and let Black Chip Poker buy you in to the Winning Millions tournament!

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If you haven’t yet heard about Black Chip’s upcoming Winning Millions tournament, we urge you to read our blog on it here. Black Chip Poker wants you to take part in this historic tournament, and you don’t have to pay the full $540 buy-in to do it. Deposit at least $10 as a new player or $25 as an existing player, opt-in under the ‘Bonuses’ section of the client and begin earning Award Points towards your free entry to the Winning Millions tournament.

13,000 award points will earn you a seat, and 5.5 points are earned for each $1 in rake and fees, meaning this promotion is worth a whopping 23% in free cashback for players who rake the $2363 required to earn a seat.  You have until December 14th to earn enough points, and players who have already paid for a Winning Millions seat will have their buy-in refunded if they successfully earn a seat through Millionaires Club.  If you are able to rake enough to earn two seats, you can even transfer a second seat to another player!


A progress bar in the ‘Bonuses’ section of the Cashier will show you how close you are to joining the Millionaires Club!

We love Black Chip Poker because they never stop finding new ways to give back to their players, and they constantly push the industry forward with innovative events like Winning Millions, The Cage and The Beast.  For more information, please view our Black Chip Poker promotion review here and our network review here.  For any further questions, or to discuss your personal Black Chip Poker VIP deal please contact us here.

BCP Mil Club WIN

Join the Millionaires Club and earn your entry today!

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