MTT Report February 2015

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In February, the big stories of the month are the huge GTD special events at our US-Friendly partners like Black Chip Poker and Full Flush Poker as well as the Planetwin365 100K GTD Freezeout running this Sunday and a huge increase in Cristal Poker’s Guaranteed Prize Pools.

Keeping up is hard, but luckily for you, we’ve done your homework for you and summarized the biggest and best tournaments offered by our partners.  As always, for all other questions or to discuss your personal deal on any of our partner sites please contact us here.

Before anything else, we have to mention the Winning Millions tournament.  This historic, massive $1,000,000 GTD tournament will run on February 22nd at 3:00 PM ET for a $540 buyin.  If you haven’t heard about this tournament, you can catch up from our blog post here.  Another $1,000,000 is up in guarantees from February 13th to 22nd as part of the Online Super Series IV Rematch.  This massive schedule of tournaments features basically every format you can imagine in both NLHE and PLO.  You’ll have to view the full schedule here to see the full picture, but below is a highlight of the biggest events of the series:

Date Time (ET) Guaranteed Prize Pool Buy In Format
February 13th 7:30 PM $30,000 $100 + $9 Regular
February 14th 7:00 PM $50,000 $200 + $15 Regular
February 15th 3:00 PM $150,000 $200 + $15 5 Hour LR
February 16th 6:00 PM $20,000 $60 + $6 Regular
February 17th 8:00 PM $25,000 $75 + $7 Regular
February 18th 7:00 PM $40,000 $200 + $15 Regular
February 19th 7:00 PM $25,000 $75 + $7 Regular
February 20th 8:00 PM $15,000 $30 + $3 Regular
February 20th 9:00 PM $20,000 $60 + $6 Regular
February 21st 6:00 PM $30,000 $150 + $9 6-max KO, $100 buy in and $50 bounty
February 22nd 1:00 PM $50,000 $165 + $10 Warm up (regular)
Febuary 22nd 3:00 PM $1,000,000 $500 + $40 Winning Millions Main Event
February 22nd 5:00 PM $300,000 $200 + $15 2nd Chance
February 22nd 6:00 PM $25,500 $50 + $5  Beast tournament + SNC (4 to cage)
February 22nd 7:00 PM $20,000 $40 + $4 Regular

As far as the weekly schedule goes, the Sunday $50k Guaranteed runs at 7PM ET for $200+15 to which satellites run Daily at 6:00 PM ET.  On February 8th, Black Chip Poker will double the prize pool for the same buy-in!

Black Chip Poker runs a Weekly 10 series, with 10 big guaranteed tournaments each day.  The highlight of the daily schedule is the $15,000 GTD ($25,000 GTD on Wednesdays).  The highlight of the Saturday schedule is the $10,000 GTD and the highlight of the Sunday Schedule is the $25,000 GTD for $100 + $9.  For full details, please see the chart below:

BCP Big10Black Chip Poker’s Big10 Schedule.

For more information on Black Chip Poker please view our Room Review here and our Promotion Overview here.
Full Flush Poker Logo

Full Flush is the flagship skin of the soft Equity Poker Network.  As a smaller network, EPN offers a modest, yet well-rounded assortment of affordable tournaments.

Super Bowl Sunday is on February 1st and Full Flush is hosting a $25,000 GTD Tournament at 1:00 PM ET to celebrate in addition to the standard $15,000 Sunday Big Fat.    The buy in is $30 + $3, players receive 3000 chips per buyin (unlimited Rebuys for first hour) and 6000 chips per addon.  35 places will be paid and satellites are running daily for $3.00 + $0.30 so you have no reason to miss this monster tournament!

Full Flush’s weekly majors are excellent.  The highlight of the week at Full Flush Poker is the Sunday Big Fat $15,000 GTD at 5:00 PM ET for $25 + $2.50.  On Saturdays, a $10,000 GTD 6-max tournament runs at 5:00 PM ET for $20.00 + $2.  A smaller $3,000 Weekend Warmup runs on Saturday and Sunday two hours earlier.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, a $5000 Guaranteed High Roller Rebuy + Addon tournament runs at 9:00 PM ET.  The buyin is $50 + $5 for 3000 chips with unlimited rebuys until the first break and a rebuy option of 3000 chips at the first break.

The new Daily Lineup is also excellent.  The highlight is the $4000 GTD Nightly American for $5.50 + $0.55, but the top-heavy fast-paced $3000 Nightly Cooler is worth mention as well.

Full Flush New TourneysFull Flush Poker’s Full Daily Guaranteed Schedule.

For more information on Full Flush’s tournament offerings please view the official schedule here.  As always, for more information about deals, promotions and partners, please view our Full Flush Room Review here and our promotion overview here.

Enet’s Weekly Special prize pools are going up 250%!  The highlight of the weekly schedule at Enet is now the Weekly Special Sunday €10000 GTD for €30 + €3.  On the first Sunday of each month (so, February 1st, 2015) the Monthly Special Sunday €25000 GTD runs instead for the same buyin.  For both tournaments, 2 rebuys + 1 addon are available and blinds will increase every 10 minutes.  Players will buy-in for 3000 chips, with 6000 chips available through addons.   There are extensive satellites schedules in place for the Weekly and Monthly specials.

Enet weekly SatsSatellite Schedule for the Cristal Poker Weekly Special.

Enet Monhtly SatsSatellite Schedule for the Cristal Poker Monthly Special. 

Every second Saturday Enet guarantees another €10,000 in prizes.  Enet runs a €4,000 GTD for €4.40, a €3,000 GTD for €3.30, a €2,000 GTD for €2.20 and a €1,000 GTD for €1.10, all multi-rebuys.  All 4 tournaments start at 15:30.

Throughout the week, a good variety of smaller tournaments with guarantees of €1,000 and less run as well.  For more information on Cristal Poker please view our Network Review here and our Promotion Overview here.

Coral Poker is a top tier skin on the larger and fishier iPoker2.com network and runs an excellent MTT schedule.

On Sundays, the action begins with the €5,000 Sunday Lunch Rebuy for €10.00 at 12:00 GMT.  The most notable tournament of the Sunday Line-up is the €100,000 Big Sunday Freezeout for €75.00 at 18:00 GMT, though also worth noting are the €25,000 Sunday Warm Up Freezeout for €50.00 at 16:00 GMT, the , the €30,000 Grand Sunday Re-entry Freezeout for €30.00 at 19:30 GMT and the big-ticket €30,000 Sunday Masters Single Entry Freezeout for €150.00 at 20:00 GMT.

The Daily Classics schedule runs throughout the week as well, with over €12,000 guaranteed daily in six different tournament formats with buy-ins from €1 to €10.  For higher-stakes grinders, the High Rollers schedule guarantees €560,000 each week in tournaments with buy-ins ranging from €20 to €250.  Worth particular mention are the daily Grand Tournaments which cost between €30 and €250 to enter and guarantee between €10,000 and €25,000 in prizes.

Most tournaments are accessible by satellite, and there are a large number of small ticket tournaments running both on Sunday and throughout the week.  For more information on the Sunday Line-up please see the official schedule here.

Sunday WarmupCoral Poker’s Impressive Sunday Lineup.

We offer excellent and comprehensive personal deals to our players on Coral Poker.  To find out more about Coral Poker please view our promotion review here  and our network review here.

Planetwin Logo

Planetwin365 is the flagship skin on The Hive Network, an excellent mid-sized network that provides a quality poker experience to a mostly European player base.   This February, Planetwin365 returns with the €100k Guaranteed Freezeout on February 1st.   This tournament features €215 buy-ins, 20,000 in starting chips, 15 minute blind levels and at least 80 places paid.  Satellites are running daily and Planetwin365 is running a 40 seat satellite to the €100k GTD on January 31st, allowing you to enter this huge tournament for pennies on the dollar.

The highlight of Planetwin365’s weekly MTT schedule is the €20,000 GTD Sunday Rebuy + Addon at 20:00 CET for €30 + €3.   Many seats to this tournament are awarded through a large number of satellites as well.

On other days, a €2,000 GTD Rebuy + Addon tournament runs daily at 20:00 CET for €5 + €0.50. Several smaller tournaments of varying formats with guarantees of €1,000 or more run daily on Planetwin365 as well, many of which have affordable buy-ins of between €3 and €10.  Bounty, Deep Stack, Mega Stack, Wild West and Bounty tournaments run as well as some PLO MTTs.  There is a good selection of smaller guarantee tournaments as well.  There’s also the €2000 GTD Second Chance tournament running Mondays at 19:20 CET to any player who finishes €15 down or more in the previous week.  The tournament awards €40 to the top 50 places, making it a nice way to boost your bankroll after a losing week.

On the last Sunday of each month Planetwin365 runs a massive €50,000 Guaranteed with an estimated first place prize of €10,000 and a buy-in of €110.  The tournament is accessible through five steps of satellites that can be played in sequence or entered directly at any step.  You can read more about the satellites to the €50,000 Guaranteed here.

SatelliteSatellite steps for the Planetwin365 Monthly €50,000 Guaranteed.

You can learn more about Planetwin365 here, and more about our promotions on The Hive Network here.

Party Poker Logo

Party Network runs an excellent MTT schedule on excellent software and features a large, fishy player pool.  The Daily Majors schedule features 70 tournaments running daily from Monday to Friday for over $500,000 guaranteed each week.   Buy-ins begin at $2.00 and guarantees begin at $1,000.  There is PLO and NLHE action, as well as rarer formats like Hyper and Bounty tournaments.  The highlight of the Daily Majors schedule is the $25,000 Gtd Rebuy running at 14:00 ET for $50.00, though the $10,000 Gtd at 16:00 ET for $50.00, the $10,000 Gtd Turbo at 17:00 ET for $100.00 and the $15,000 Gtd at 15:00 ET for $200.00 are worth mentioning as well.  For more detailed information on the Daily Majors please see the official schedule here.

PP DailyParty Poker’s Daily Majors Schedule.

The action ramps up on Saturdays with the Saturday Majors schedule.  The main event on Saturday is the $30,000 Gtd at 14:00 ET for $200.00.  Action runs at NLHE and PLO with Deepstack, Hyper, Rebuy, Addon and Bounty tournaments running.  In total, 16 tournaments run on Saturday for a total of over $100,000 in prizes.  Of those, 9 tournaments feature guarantees of $5,000 or more and buy-ins start as low as $1.00, making this a Saturday event you won’t want to miss.  You can view the official Saturday Majors schedule here.

Saturday PPParty Poker’s Excellent Saturday Majors Schedule

As good as Saturdays are on Party Poker, Sunday is the day you really can’t miss.  The massive 20 tournament schedule kicks off at 05:05 ET and boasts a total of over $450,000 in prizes.  The crowning jewel of Party Poker’s MTT schedule is the $200K Guaranteed Sunday running at 14:00 ET for $200.00 every Sunday.  Each week Party Poker awards 60 seats to this massive tournament through the $200k Frenzy Mega Satellites.  A 20 Seat Frenzy runs on Saturdays at 13:35 ET for $10 and a 40 Seat Frenzy runs on Sundays at 09:30 ET for $20.  For more information about the $200k Frenzy Satellites please view the official announcement here.

FrenziesYou can win seats to the Sunday $200k Guaranteed for pennies on the dollar through the 20 and 40 seat Frenzies

Other huge tournaments include the $100,000 Gtd High Roller at 15:00 ET for $500.00 and the $50,000 Gtd at 14:30 ET for $100.00.  There are 9 more large tournaments with guaranteed prize pools of $5,000 or greater that almost seem small compared to the largest Sunday Majors but are still well worth checking out.  Tournaments run in a wide variety of formats as before and you can view the full Sunday Majors schedule here.

Sunday PPParty Poker’s fantastic Sunday Majors schedule, the highlight of which is the $200K Guaranteed Sunday

For more information on Party Poker, please view our Promotion Overview here  and our Network Review here.

betsafeBetsafe Microgaming is an established skin on the Microgaming Network.  The highlight of the weekly schedule on Betsafe is the massive €35,000 Guaranteed Sunday at 20:30 CET for €200 + €15.  This tournament is accessible through a large network of satellites that run daily.  There is also the €15,000 Sunday running at  18:00 CET for the same price of €200 + $15.  Both tournaments are deep stacked with long levels, providing a significant edge to skilled players.  Finally, the smaller €2,500 Sunday Express runs at 22:00 CET for €10 + €1.  This is a deep stack but very fast paced tournament with short decision times.

Daily, there is the €8,000 Big-Night-In at 21:00 CET for €100 + $10 for which daily qualifiers run from as little as €5 + $0.50.   This tournament runs at 21:00 CET.  There is also a nightly Mosh Pit Tournament running daily at 20:00 CET for €20 + €2.  Satellites to this super fast paced tournament run daily from as little as €2.20.  On weeknights, the guaranteed prize pool is €11,000, on Saturdays it shrinks slightly to €10,000 before getting a nice boost to an impressive €13,000 on Sundays.

In addition, there is a good assortment of smaller buy-in and lower guaranteed tournament of different formats running daily.   Several tournaments run daily with guarantees of above €2,000 of different format and buy-in levels.   Worth particular mention is a €3,500 Super Turbo Rebuy at 23:00 CET for €20 + €2, a €3,000 8-max Deep Stack Big Ante Rebuy+Addon Turbo at 19:00 CET for €10 + €1 and a €2,500 Deep Stack Freezeout at 22:00 CET for €200 + €15,

Overall, Betsafe Microgaming runs an excellent schedule with several tournaments with guarantees of above 1000 running daily in addition to the big-ticket, big guarantee tournaments outlined above.  To view the full schedule please click here.


The highlight of the high-value 1×2 Sports MTT offerings is the ChampionChip $50,000 Guaranteed that runs each Sunday at 18:00 CET for $190 + 10.   This tournament features 5,000 in starting chpis and 20 minute blind limits.  Satellites run daily from as little as $5 + $0.50.

On Saturday, there is the Saturday Night Fever $10,000 GTD for $93 + $7.  This tournament runs saturdays at 21:00 CET and qualifiers run daily from as little as $5 + $0.50.

Finally, don’t miss the $30,000 GTD Highroller every Tuesday at 20:30 CET.  For the big ticket of $500 + $25 you get 10,000 starting chips and blinds increase every 15 minutes.

In short, 1×2 offers a fantastic schedule of tournaments through the Ongame Network.  In addition to these larger NLHE tournaments, there are smaller tournaments in a huge variety of formats and buy-ins running daily.

Tigergaming Logo

Betonline LogoBetOnline and Tigergaming are major skins on the Chico Network, with the main distinction being that BetOnline caters to American players while Tigergaming serves a more international audience.

Daily, at 20:00 ET a $10 + $1 Rebuy + Addon 6max runs with a $1000 Guarantee in addition to several smaller tournaments within buy-in as low as $0.05.  Other tournaments with guarantees of $500 and $600 run daily as well.

Special tournaments with guarantees run quite frequently as well.  $10,000 Guaranteed Specials generally run on Saturday and Sunday (registration permitting), and tournaments with $2,000, $3,000 an $5,000 guaranteed tournaments run in a similar manner throughout the week.

For more information on these poker rooms please view our Tigergaming promotion overview here and partner review here, and our Betonline promotion overview here and partner review here.

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