Party Poker December Promotions Update

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We love Party Poker because they constantly come up with new ways to make playing on the network fun. Please view our overview of new Party Poker promotions below.

Firstly, Party Poker is rewarding its top players in each loyalty tier with rewards.  Bronze and Silver tier players will compete in one leaderboard where the top 2000 will be paid a prize of up to $400 in cash.  Gold and VIP tier players have a separate leaderboard where the top 400 are paid a prize of up to $600 in cash.  Players are ranked based on the number of loyalty points earned through MTTs on Party Poker for every Monday to Sunday period, and players are paid before the following Monday.  See the leaderboards and payout structure below:

Party legendsPoker Legends Leaderboard Structure

Another way you can add some cash to your bankroll is the Cash Booster promotion.   The Cash Booster tournament runs every Sunday at 12:30 ET with a $2,000 prize pool.  There are a few different ways to qualify for the Cash Booster:

  • Register a new real money account
  • Use the code BOOSTER with your next deposit
  • Earn one point to join a Cash Booster qualifier tournament running daily at 9:45 AM, 2:45 PM and 8:45 PM ET.  Place in the top 25 in that qualifier
  • Earn 5 party points in the week before

Finally, Cash Game Missions rewards players for completing objectives on all non heads-up cash games.  Players complete the ‘Pocket Pairs’ mission by winning with all pocket pairs in descending order, starting from AA down to 22.  The ‘Final Hands’ mission requires you to win at showdown with all of the different hand ranks in order, from a pair all the way up to a straight flush.  Each of these missions pays $25.  To opt-in go to the ‘Missions’ section of the client and click ‘Start Mission’ on the mission of your choice.

For more information on Party Poker, please view our Promotion Overview here  and our Network Review here.   For all other questions, or to discuss how we can make the soft games at Party most profitable for you please contact us here.

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