photo xAnGelxEyEzx: Hi, my names Layla, and I am a poker addict :P Outside poker I love music, singing, drinking, watching films and decent series, spending time with my boyfriend and friends and family :)
Break down of how my year went in poker!

2013 started out pretty tough, with make up from 2012 that carried on accumulating throughout January. I reached $1.5k mu on an abi of $6 which was pretty painful... So my backer made a plan for me to cut out MTT's and grind SnG's. I started playing $7 27's n managed to clear a chunk, but ater 4 months without seeing a penny for myself, I'd had enough. I told my backer I was going to leave the stake as soon as I'd cleared my MU, but we couldn't reach an agreement and I ended up buying out the last $400.

I had originally planned to start playing on my own roll, but I couldn't face the thought of starting on the $1 games again, the $400 was most of the money I had saved for starting on my own. After a couple of weeks I started on a new stake with a friend. I moved up to the $15 27 mans, and started playing MTT's up to $22. I was crushing the 27s but getting frustrated at the terrible traffic. I decided that if I wanted to move up through the stakes in SnG's, I would have to start playing turbos.

So I seeked a new stake that would offer coaching for turbos. Within a week of starting a new stable, I hit my 2nd biggest lifetime score, of $2.6k, but after just a month I got dropped, which was a total shock. The backer said that he didn't see potential in me moving up to higher buyins, and the goal for his stable was to move players up to mid/high stakes.

It was a pretty big blow to my self esteem. I went back to being staked by my friend, and hit a few nice scores, which made me feel like I had won the battle vs my ex backer!

My current backer has just recently bought a coaching deal for me, and I have agreed to stay on the stake for another 6 months. Hopefully this will help me take my game to the next level!

So that's how my year went in poker. My plan for 2014 is to start saving some money to start on my own roll by the end of the year. I would like to save enough so I can carry on playing the same stakes, with a comfortable bankroll. Hopefully some big scores next year will help me on my way!

If you have made it down this far, thx for reading and GL all for 2014! :P now time for graphs!


Reg speed SnGs (mostly 27s)


Turbo SnGs (45s n 180s)


Reg speed MTTs


Turbo MTTs


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