February 2014

 photo xAnGelxEyEzx: Hi, my names Layla, and I am a poker addict :P Outside poker I love music, singing, drinking, watching films and decent series, spending time with my boyfriend and friends and family :)
How my Feb went

Hello Tiltbookers, for a while during 2014 I have been suffering with lack of motivation to grind but after speaking to my backer about moving up stakes I felt a bit more excited about grinding. February started out ok, but had a lot of 5-12ths etc so broke even for most of the month. A few nights ago I got to the ft of the big €20 on .fr with around $3k to first, but ended another 6th when my QQ couldn't hold vs AK, but on the same night I managed to ft the nightly $55 30k gtd and managed to take down my 2nd biggest lifetime score $4.8k for 2nd. Really happy with the result and hopefully I can keep my momentum going! GL all in March!

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