Lazee Layla's almost end of March Bloggamentz-

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Stats graphs and ramblings..

Hello TiltBookers!

This month so far, has been my worst $ wise in the past 12 months. Which was to be expected as I have moved up in stakes recently, last month was my best month so I can't complain. But I think this could possibly be the first time I have gone down over $1k without crying FML I SUCK AT POKER /quits life. Below is a look at my profits/month for the past 12 months.

For the past 10 months have been averaging anywhere between 400 and 600 games a month, I guess for an mtt player it isn't so bad, but I feel like I have seriously been lacking in volume. I guess lately I am grinding hard for 2-3 days and then just chilling.

Had some weird moral dilemma where I was afraid of going to hell for playing poker, but I think that was due to lack of sleep at the time, and researching into the dark side of the internet and conspiracy theories. I have come to the conclusion that there is a whole lot of crap out there and there is no way of really telling what is true or not, so just concern myself with what is actually going on in my life.


One thing I have looked at on OPR, is my top 10 wins out of the 9.5k games tracked on there, is the sum of all my profits on there. What if I wasn't playing on those 10 days, I could be a losing player now. >.<


Also starting to think it's quite possible I have the best roi out of all the regs on the $15 27 mans.

I think this could be put down to my finish positions.

Sustainable [?] Fish On a heater [x] Hourly [  ] Needs to learn turbo [x]

 Soo... I am not sure what next month will bring, I need to get out of this %!^" hole town I'm living in at the moment, got 3 months left on my current stake, and need to think about my options after that. I have been prettty bad at saving up money, so need to think whether I use the money I've saved for moving costs, or towards starting on my own roll at the end of June.

Have had an offer for another stake already, but also kinda would like to get in bbz stable, got a cpl of friends in his stable, but think he mostly backs for higher stakes which I don't have much experience in.


Anyway, gonna shut up now. Still 2 days left of March, hoping for some Women's Sunday RunGoooooood!!!


GL all and thx for reading.

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