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 photo xAnGelxEyEzx: Hi, my names Layla, and I am a poker addict :P Outside poker I love music, singing, drinking, watching films and decent series, spending time with my boyfriend and friends and family :)

Hello fellow grinders! I have been grinding for quite a few years now, I first started out when a friend introduced me to the game back in 2007, I was hooked instantly! I played some number of sit n go's without really understanding the game, I didn't know which starting hand to play, I wondered if hands like J7 were good hands coz they have a possibility to a straight. So I decided to look up some strategy! I went with a site that gave me a free $50 so I could learn about the game without risking my own money.

Then I started to make a little money, I was playing $1 9 man's at the start, I managed to work up a small roll a few times, but I never had much money so I ended up withdrawing and starting from scratch several times, never really making it past the micro's.

I loved the game always, but at that stage I didn't really have what it took to make it anywhere in the game. After several months off the tables, at the end of 2011 I was playing a game, and a guy at my table asked me if I was from Manchester, I said yeh, turned out he was being ghosted by a friend of the guy who introduced me to poker, so I added him and he introduced me into a chat on skype with several other poker players, mostly from UK too. In the chat there were guys who had won 10s of thousands of dollars, and even guys that had 6 figure scores. That really inspired me, and motivated me to do better.

I managed to get a few scores in some micro tournys, but with Christmas and new year coming up I withdrew most of my bankroll, left myself enough roll to grind MTT's up to $5's, but then the downswing hit! I lost most of my roll and was back to grinding SnG's to try work it up again. That's when one of the guys in the stable offered to back me. I decided to accept! It went really well, he was helping me out with my game a lot in the start, I managed to somehow find myself at the final table of the Sunday storm, and chopped 6 handed for a cool $11k. I hit five figures before I'd ever even hit a 4 figure score! Now some of you might find it heartbreaking to win $11k and hand over half of it, but the way I saw it, was if I wasn't backed I probably would not have been in that tournament.

I could have easily started on my own roll then, and played the stakes I wanted to, but I had been wanting to move apartments for quite some time, but never had the cash I needed to go through with it.

So after the storm, things were going fine, I was winning still, then I hit a downswing... Up until then I had binked out of make up almost as soon as I got into it, but I had dug myself a hole, $1.5k down with and average buy in of $6, there were barely any tournaments I was playing that would even get me out of it, so I started the SnG grind, was grinding $7 27 mans day in day out. I got within $400 of clearing it, my backer was riding me hard, saying I wasn't putting in enough volume, I was going through a hard time in real life too with my mum in hospital (she's fine now) so I asked my backer if I could end my deal, and just bought out the remaining $400.

I'd planned to go on my own dime after I'd cleared my make up, but using most of my savings to buy out, I didn't have much of a roll to work with, I'd had a few more offers for staking, so I decided to go with another friend. This time I had a plan, not to let myself get in that much make up again. It really is demoralisng going 5 months without making a cent for myself, just to make back losses. So my plan was to grind MTT's, but keep grinding SnG's to keep my make up low.

My new backer was a lot more relaxed about when I grind, which was a breath of fresh air. I got my mojo back with MTT's, I was crushing $15 27 mans, but the traffic on the $15 27s was pretty poor, and I knew if I wanted to move forward with SnG's, I would have to start grinding turbo's. While I was happy with my backer, I wanted to look for a stable that offered coaching too, so I could take my game to the next level. I posted on 2+2 and got some interest, I decided to go with a guy who was starting up a new stable, with opportunities to move up through the levels.

I hit my 2nd biggest score within a week of being with my new backer, and had my 2nd biggest winning month lifetime, then he just decides to drop me, which didn't really make sense at all... He said some crap like : "It's not about profit, it's about the potential I see in my horses moving up the stake levels". He had binked an FTOP's the week before for $142k so I think really thats why.

Anyway, I went back with my 2nd backer, I wasn't feeling at my most confident after being dropped so out of the blue, it really made me question myself as a poker player. I think my biggest leak in poker is sometimes letting my emotions get the better of me, and I never hid that in my stable. I think my old backer didn't think I had the emotional capacity to grind through and perhaps thats why he dropped me.

Since going back with my 2nd backer, things have started looking up again, I am starting to feel more consistent in the game, I really think my game is better than ever, I think confidence is a majorly +EV in poker, without getting too over confident. Over the past few months my ABI has been steadily increasing. This is my poker story up till now, lets see what the future has to bring. Thanks for reading if you made it this far! :)

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