October Results

 photo xAnGelxEyEzx: Hi, my names Layla, and I am a poker addict :P Outside poker I love music, singing, drinking, watching films and decent series, spending time with my boyfriend and friends and family :)

Well I have to say I am glad this month is over. Got super tilted and starting to question my ability as a poker player. I'm only down $130 for the month, but since I'm staked I'm down 1.3k since I chopped.



I was doing so well in the 45 man turbo's until this month, decided to keep playing those to reduce variance, but it looks like thats where I lost most of my money. Heres my ytd graph for them.. 


Not sure what direction I will take next month yet, maybe just grind the $7 45s till I'm feeling more confident in those. GL all for November!

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