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Hi, a fellow tiltbooker messaged me last night seeking advice about staking, so thought I would share some information on staking for anyone who is new to it.

Each staker will have their own rules and requirements, usually they will take preference with players that have a good sample and results in the game type you are applying for. You will need to provide references, this should be from someone who is trusted in the poker community who will vouch for you.

As with anything, there are pros and cons in being staked. The pros being you may get to play games you couldn't otherwise afford to play regularly yourself, you are not risking your own money, some stables provide a good network of other players and coaching so you can improve your game.

The cons are having to split your profits, getting into make up (which means that if you lose money, you have to make that back before you can split any profits over your original stake. If you go into make up you will not just be allowed to quit the stake, you will usually have to play until you have made back the money that you lost.

Some stakes will require you to play a certain amount of games/month, some require minimum term contracts which will either be a set amount of time (eg 6 months) or certain number of games before you can leave the stake. It is not really a decision you should take lightly, and like any "job" there is a lot of competition for staking out there, so if your stats aren't good, it may be difficult to find a staker.

Most importantly before you agree to a stake, make sure that you are happy with the terms, and committed to it. Quitting a stake outside of the terms could end up giving you a bad reputation and will make it even more difficult to find a stake in the future.

Think about whether it is a +EV decision for you to be staked, or if you are better playing on your own bankroll. Is it worth it giving up a big % of your profits if you are winning anyway.

The best place to look for stakers is 2+2 forums.. if you are not already a member then you will need to have been an active member on there for 6 months at least before you can apply for stakes. Also there is part time poker, which I am not too familiar with, but there are a few different options for staking on there, one is BAPs (buy a piece) if you wanted to sell action for a single game or set of games, people can buy shares of your BAP.


Hope this has been helpful, if you feel like you have anything to add, or any questions, feel free to comment :)

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