Blog Time - HU SNG Hypers for the win!?

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Hey guys,

Yovengo here. Should you not know who I am - which honestly wouldn t surprise me - I ll introduce myself. I have been playing poker for over 8 years now. I started with cashgame and switched to HUSNG Hypers abouth 2.5 years ago. Atm I play up to 600$ as long as the lobbies are free - my main stake is 100-300$ though. Now and then I also mix in some MTTs - both live and online.

My poker goal for this year is mainly to play good poker and improving my game by pluggin the one or other leak. I am not a huge fan of volume or $ challenges as long as you can motivate yourself to play a good volume.

I haven t played too many games this year bc I was 2 weeks in the hospital and couldn t grind at all. Anyways this is the result so far:

Concerning our stable I want it to grow and gain quality as well. We already have a great team and I really enjoy working with our horses. Everyone seems very motivated and eager to climb up the ladder. We capped the stable at 35 players max so we can maintain our high quality. If are not aware of TeamCrush and are serious about your hyper game you should have a look at our website www.teamcrush.biz and send us an application if u like our program.


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