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I play mostly Speed Holdem on iPoker, and Zoom on Stars! Unreal downswing at the moment :-( or am I just a fish??


974 days ago
As I understand, here are a lot of Hyper Turbo SnG player...Can anyone recommend a good coaching site for Hyper Turbo SnG's??? Where can I find strategy articles? Thx a lot
1340 days ago
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Hi, my name is Chris, I'm 35 years old and from Austria. I started playing poker about 4 years ago. I made my first steps on bwin and party poker. After that I exclusively played on Full Tilt until Black Friday of course. Currently I am playing Speed Hold'em on an iPoker-Skin, where I have a brilliant flat Rakeback-Deal. Thanks to the Rakeback I earn a few $$$ every month, apart from that my play is more or less break even. My goal is to change that and become a winning player. There's a lot of work to do, in order to achieve this goal. I have a lot of poker-ebooks on my kindle to read and a lot of coaching videos to watch. I want to post hands in forums on a regular basis and review my sessions every day. I became too lazy the last few years and unfortunately I am a true master at procrastination :-( I mainly play Rush NL25/Speed Hold'em NL20, but want to improve at HU SnGs too.

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